I Care a Lot

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This review may contain spoilers.

What was the lesson here? That assholes will always win and sometimes, when we’re lucky, one of them will get shot by someone they fucked over? 

I felt conflicted as to who I should root for. I found myself mostly wanting to see the old lady try and get out of the care home and why wouldn’t I? My other options were someone who manipulates old people to pay for her Prada or a gangster who deals (it’s very heavily implied) in human trafficking? 

I get it, not everyone’s a saint and the film takes great pleasure it beating you over the head with the fact that to get ahead in life you can’t play fair. But all I felt was a great big missed opportunity to really get into how easily garbage people can gain the system to the diminishment of the vulnerable and how, on many occasions, the system doesn’t just allow this but benefits right alongside them. 

I Care a Lot is a stylish, brilliantly performed, and often entertaining missed opportunity.

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