Hereditary ★★★★★

Apparently this movie was a comedy to some of my fellow co viewers in the theater. Some of the scenes are completely ruined by their reactions to it.

Nonetheless, this is one of the best horror movies I've seen in a long, long time. It's scary and gets under your skin. You have a constant feel of unease while watching it, but that's the intention the director was going for.

It's not your typical straigtforward horror movie. It does take it's time to get the story going. But I don't mind that at all. I like to care about characters while watching a horror movie. Ari Aster has done a great job with them. Toni Collette was terrific and at the same time horrifying to see. There's a scene during dinner that made my hair raise.

And the movie is scary, yes. Especially the third act. Aster does some things in the background that'll scare the shit out of you. And the use of wide angles and shots does so much for this movie.

I want more horror movies like this. There's something to think about. If my theater choses to play Truth Or Dare over this to get more audiences, I'm worried were this might end...

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