Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★½

"I didn't choose the skuxx life, the skuxx life chose me"

- Ricky Baker

I wasn't planning on watching this movie today. I wanted to see Sing Street but couldn't find it on my hard drive, so I downloaded it again. And in the mean time I started watching this one. And I got caught up in the story and decided to watch it entirely. And ow man, this movie was so awesome and great. For starters, the cinematography is beautiful. You get all these shots from the landscapes and trees and the nature. It's all so handled very well with static shots and slow camera movements. This is the second movie I've seen from Taika Waititi. The first one being What We Do In In The Shadows. I really enjoyed that movie as well. But I think he outdone himself with this movie. Waititi knows what he's doing behind the camera (and in front). He created such a lovely and touching story. The acting performances where great as well. Sam Neil was awesome. It's been a while since I've seen him in a movie. But the guy hasn't lost it. And the kid who played Ricky Baker, Julian Dennison, was really likeable. He was also kind of relatable. There where other actors of course, but these two really carried the movie with their chemistry. Also, their humor, and the humor in general, was really great. It's that dry humor. Waititi showed some of that in What We Do In In The Shadows and used some of that again in this movie, it really worked.
The music was a nice addition to this story. It really helped some scenes building emotion between the characters.
Just go and watch this beautiful story of a boy who wants to know who he is and where is belongs...

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