Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

Thank the Lord...and I mean Phil Lord, not the guy upstairs, for this awesome, hyper, energy fueled Spider-Man movie we all deserved.

From the very first trailer I fell in love with this movie and especially it's unique animation style. It's literally a comic book brought to life. And it's also a perfect way to do some crazy shit.

The story is filled with a ton of characters and storylines. But it's well balanced and worked out (See Rowling? It's not that hard). The main character is of course Miles Morales. A very likeable person supported by other incarnations of the now famed webslinger. And while there's a lot of stuff going on, the movie is a very well paced out thrill ride that never get's boring.

And the movie is also hilarious. I laughed a lot. It's mostly dry humor supported by visual gags. All thanks to Phil Lord and Chris Miller of course. See Disney? If you let these guys do their job, the result might not be something boring.

I can't adress it enough how well balanced this movie was. With all these characters and their drive to get what they want. Every alternate Spider-Man was introduced in a hilarious way that they kept using throughout the movie. Great stuff.

They also managed to have a twist in the story I didn't saw coming. Maybe because of my little knowledge of that character, but still, well done.

I'm glad I saw this in an advanced screening. I couldn't wait until the 19th of December. It's a movie for the fans, it's a movie for everyone who loves the superhero genre and the kids will have a great time as well...

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