The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★★

This movie was amazing. The writing was on top, great performances...especially Angourie Rice who played the daughter of Gosling in the movie. 

The chemistry between Crowe and Gosling was amazing, these two actors complete each other. And I wanna see them more in comedies. They are gold together.

And talking about comedy, the humor in the movie is terific. It had those laugh out loud moments. And the comedy was also timed perfectly, there wasn't much, and not to many. It was balanced.

The story is great as well, it reminds me a lot of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", also a film directed by Shane Black. The plot felt kind of the same to me. 

I have nothing bad to say here. I got only one thing to say now...SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!! But avoid the trailer, a lot of funny moments are in the trailer.

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