High Life ★★★★½

tense and hypnotic, High Life is a film that grabs your undivided attention from the first few minutes and never lets go. although it’s not necessarily a horror film, it might truly be one of the scariest films ever made about outer space, given the claustrophobic interiors of the ship and the vast unknown of what lies outside. Denis perfectly captures the dread and isolation of being stuck on what is essentially a suicide mission, and the non-linear plot kept me interested in what was occurring the entire time. Pattinson continues to deliver career-best performances, as he does here, and Binoche and Goth are both superb as well. it’s shot beautifully, and the few scenes set on Earth are almost as gorgeous as the ones set in space. it’s taken a long time for a sci-fi film as special as High Life to come along, and it might be a long time before another film that comes along is just as special as this one.

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