Jigsaw ★★★★

I speak for the dead...

the Saw franchise holds such a near and dear place to my heart, so I am ecstatic to say that Jigsaw is a blast, both in terms of fun and brutality. the concept is simple enough: five people find themselves in a deadly game, and they have to find out what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to live. long gone are the days of fast and choppy editing, for Jigsaw cuts right to the point of its traps, all the while simplifying the story enough as to where someone who has never seen a Saw movie can still comprehend it. the overlying detective narrative is cool and complex, and it definitely makes the traps feel more important to the plot, almost like a race against time. it’s not a Saw movie without a twist, and this one, although foreseeable, is fascinating and on par with the twist in the first movie. basically, if you’re not a Saw fan, you might not like this movie, but given that I am a diehard fan, I had the time of my life.

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