My Soul to Take ★★★½

the toxic inner workings of being a teenager have never been better portrayed in a horror film, even if that study ventures into pretty ridiculous territory at times. love how, just like Scream was such a massive encapsulation of the ‘90s and A Nightmare on Elm Street of the ‘80s, My Soul to Take feels like the best depiction of the year 2010 as possible, right down to the first generation iPhones and sheltered teenage angst. this movie has some pretty cool death scenes, which are to be expected from a Wes Craven film, and an intense and claustrophobic third act that makes the film all the more better. yes, some of this is very goofy, especially when it comes to the stereotypical characters and the misunderstood portrayal of mental illness, but for the most part, My Soul to Take is a cool and cruel horror film that perfectly captures Wes Craven’s genius. would make for a great double feature with Final Destination 5.

Spooktober 2017 #7