Nerve ★★★★½

didn't really expect to love a movie about teenagers riding lightcycles around New York City as much as I did, but here we are.

cinematic perfection. anything can happen in a New York minute, including love, betrayal, and a deadly online game with high rewards and consequences. drenched in neon and super aesthetically pleasing, this is probably the most vibrant film of 2016. Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, along with this year's VIRAL, continuously show that they probably have the best grasp of our current generation in any director with this movie. killer soundtrack, super tight screenplay, and mostly likeable characters that you can either identify with or know im real life. looses a bit of its steam in the third act, mostly due to its inclusion of cyberthriller elements that don't really feel in place in this kind of movie, and the ending almost wraps up too cleanly, but the magical two acts that proceed it definitely make up for it. it's not often that I can say that a film feels like it was made specifically concerning my taste in entertainment, but when a film like NERVE comes along, it only feels right to say it.

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