47 Meters Down: Uncaged

47 Meters Down: Uncaged ★★★★

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I'll give Uncaged the ever so slight edge over its predecessor out of how much more anxious I felt during it. Roberts makes all the perfect choices to keep the movie from being a simple rerun of the first one and at the same time seem like a genuine sequel even if not narratively related in any way; like the first one, the film's theme is surrounded around sisterhood, but while the original saw two already well bonded blood sisters, this one is led by two unresolved step-sisters; like the first one, it's underwater location horror, but while its predecessor used the impossible endlessness of the sea to build claustrophobia, this one is set in the narrow ruins of an underwater ancient city. Once again the water and the setting are the main antagonists, but the way Uncaged explores its setting of a submerged Mayan city is the main key to its horror experience. It's visible that Roberts has evolved both as a director and as a writer - this one's considerably less predictable than the first, although it doesn't go for such a creative ending -, and I found myself trapped in the film's tight grasp until it finally let go of me when it ended. Also terrific CGI for what I imagine to be a very low budget.