Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★★

viewed on IMAX 3D

Today was kind of an experiment. I took two friends to watch it: Ly, who never watched the original nor had any contact with any GITS material prior to this (except my very being); and Clara, who watched the original and didn't like it. Both of them liked it. I mean, Ly was completely stunned with the movie, he was so connected with the plot, when things started happening his face was ecstatic.

As for myself... My heart pounded even harder this time. I think the first time I was so tense with what to expect from the film, and then so focused on building my defense for it that I forgot to let myself feel it more. This time I was completely relaxed, I let myself be completely absorbed by this world, and holy shit was I entranced. I even got close to crying. I'm really close to give it those last 2 points that I kept from my 100 rating. This is so beautiful.

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