Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★


This movie violently fucked me in the ass for 4 merciless hours, and the thing is: I liked it.

This might be the most morally complex movie I've ever seen, it's gonna take a few rewatches and some reading before I can properly review it, but... Are you fucking kidding me?! Who the fuck does this?! Sion Sono, that's who. This movie had me from entertained to hysterically laughing to scared to downright terrified to emotionally crushed to crying tears of joy? I don't even know anymore.

After approaching suicide and alienation in a sickly authentic metaphoric manner in Suicide Club, Sion Sono hits on other very serious social issues in Japan: emotional abuse and voyeurism. You gotta have some seriously massive fucking balls to do a movie like this. Sono deconstructs the layers of an obsessive upskirt pervert, of an angry misandric schoolgirl and a manipulative religious cultist in a lenght far beyond than people would be comfortable viewing, and transforms this thing into one of the most fucked up, twisted love stories ever written. In the main characters's ghosts, lie different forms of abuse to each of them, that come to change what could once have been a regular love story into a dark comedy of tragedies, psychological distress, religious supremacy, gender de-identification and sexual frustration. At the center of it, as a spark of hope, lies Sasori, the greatest icon of a female stand against oppression and abuse in japanese cinema. Sono uses the iconography of the protagonist from Female Prisoner Scorpion as a symbol of mutual strenght, a thread drawing together our two mentally raped lead characters, a bound that only they and they alone can recognize.

There's an invisible war going. Bullets are being fired in every direction, and we can never see them because we never think we might get hit.

What a fucking masterpiece.

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