Those Who Wish Me Dead

Those Who Wish Me Dead ★★★★


My new least favorite film fan trend is "I'm now going to dismiss this writer/director with an amazing track record entirely because of this ONE movie that I didn't like even though it's not particularly bad and I know it". The sheer amount of bullshit comments I've seen in the likes of "oh no Taylor Sheridan was THE MAN and now he's ruined" because of this one movie. Seriously? This? Jesus fucking Christ y'all are filtered so fucking easily.

This was badass. Brutal adventure-action-disaster movie in the vein of a mid-90's Summer flick with pretty damn great characters that I can picture myself catching for the first time on a late night Sunday with my family and having a ball with all the tension and pure palpable gravitas of its set pieces. Angelina kills it. CIA was an awesome villain. The kid was incredible. Pretty much loved the entire cast and all the characters. My only issue is that I think it misses quite a few opportunities to make it more eventful, but I was not at all disappointed. Also, dope score by Brian Tyler. I need to see Angie doing more films like this, and I hope Sheridan gets more into making more palatable movies such as this one that perfectly combine entertainment and his unique raw dramatic weight.