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How to Have an Audrey Hepburn Film Festival

Hot August nights are pretty much the ideal time to deep dive into the career of your favourite film stars or filmmakers. In the past, we’ve shown you how to throw your very own Colin Farrell Film Fest, and now we’re switching gears to bring you a guide to the great Ms. Hepburn. Audrey, not Katharine. Not that the fabulous Kate doesn’t deserve her own celebration but that’s a curated list for another day.

Director John Woo Talks of Birds, Knights, Musicals and more!

For decades John Woo has been revered as an iconic action director. Films like The Killer and Hard-Boiled helped define a style of Hong Kong cinema that was as groundbreaking as it was viscerally exciting. With a poetic use of violence and gunplay, it’s easy to see—through the likes of The Raid, John Wick or even the Fast and Furious films—a direct connection to Woo’s pioneering brand of thrills.

Interview: Director Dean Fleischer Camp on Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

For a movie about the tiniest of stop-motion animated creatures, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is jam-packed with big heart and big ideas. Dean Fleischer Camp’s delightful directorial feature debut tackles the concepts of community, grief, fear, love, and connection, and all through the eyes of an adorable one-inch-tall shell (voiced by Jenny Slate) and his grandmother (voiced by Isabella Rossellini).

The Best Films of 2022 So Far: Marvels vs. the Mavericks

Surveying the best films of 2022 offers a mixed state of the union. Movie theatres, after nearly two years of COVID-19 closures in Toronto, are open and full of flicks. However, nearly every multiplex in town is screening the same few films. That rarely happened in 2019.

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Who expected Lesley Manville to spawn an haute couture cinematic universe? After wowing cinephiles with devastating turns in the kitchen sink dramas of Mike Leigh, Manville is back in fashion (not that she ever went out) with Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. The film returns her to the world of high fashion after her Oscar-nominated perf in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread. However, where her quick-witted fashionista Cyril cut zingers as sharply as she snipped gowns, her Ada Harris is…

Food documentaries are some of the best documentaries. Not only are they gorgeous to look at, but the story behind the chef and/or restaurant can be very moving. The artistry behind Japanese cuisine in particular has made it excellent fodder for documentarians — Jiro Dreams of Sushi and Come Back Anytime are both excellent examples. In The Pursuit of Perfection, director Toshimichi Saito looks to continue this tradition by highlighting four of today’s leading chefs in Japan and uncovering Tokyo’s…

The story of Maurice Flitcroft is what one would label as “stranger than fiction.”

A shipyard crane-operator from Barrow-in-Furness, a port town in Northern England, Flitcroft gained notoriety when he entered the 1976 British Open after taking up golf only a couple years prior. He would go on to shoot a score of 121, the worst recorded score in the history of the Open. After the tournament, his (very) amateur status was discovered and he was banned from re-entering the…

The metaphor of an ugly duckling blossoming into a beautiful swan fuels the transgender character study Midnight Swan. This winner of three 2021 Japanese Academy Awards including Best Film and Best Actor debuts at the Toronto Japanese Film Festival. This understated drama explores the prejudice that transgender people face in Japan. The film stars Tsuyoshi Kusanagi as Nagisa, a transgender woman from Hiroshima who moved to Tokyo for a better life. She dances in a local cabaret where patrons get…

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"How doth ye like yon apples?!"

simultaneously one of the great action parodies because beyond the expertly crafted looney tunes visual gags, on a filmmaking level it's frequently indistinguishable from the real thing (god mctiernan) and one of the best movies about a movie star literally wrestling with their own hollywood fantasy image and myth. "you've brought me nothing but pain."

full discussion on episode 57 of my podcast SLEAZOIDS.

15-YEAR OLD ME: "Oh boy! A RESIDENT EVIL film and a remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD! I hope this means there will be a new wave of zombie films!"


Zack Snyder can craft a fun action scene, but I am baffled as to why he wanted to make ARMY OF THE DEAD.

It's a zombie heist film (There's potential there!), with a charming gang of actors (I do love Dave Bautista!), buckets…

So weird, so Danish, and yet, not even Anders Thomas Jensen’s weirdest Danish film.