GIF-able Jessica: Saluting TIFF Tribute Actor, Jessica Chastain

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Jessica Chastain knows how to make an entrance. The recipient of TIFF’s Tribute Actor Award has only been in the public eye for a decade. However, she’s produced one of the best bodies of work of any Hollywood actor ever during such a period. Chastain was everywhere in 2011 as the Summer of Jessica touched down and gave audiences oodles of face time with one of the most versatile and consistently likeable performers ever to grace the screen. Chastain is pulling double-duty at this year’s festival with The Eyes of Tammy Faye and The Forgiven, and perhaps one or both of those films will lead her back to the Oscars where she’ll nab the Best Actress honours that has eluded her so far.

This retrospective of Chastain’s work is by no means complete. Some great films and performances don’t make the cut here because we’ve organized her work thematically. She seems to work in phases, and we’ve programmed the retro accordingly. However, we encourage readers to fill in the gaps and discover terrific work in hidden gems like Jolene, Chastain’s award-winning debut as a leading lady that preceded the Summer of Jessica and never found the audience it deserved.

Please join us in saluting TIFF’s Tribute Actor recipient, the extremely GIFable Jessica Chastain!

Read the full tribute from That Shelf writers Pat Mullen and Emma Badame: