Interview: Rick “Slider” Rossovich on Top Gun's 35th anniversary

Top Gun, the blockbuster ’80s action epic from director Tony Scott, turns a whopping 35 this week. If that fact makes you feel old, you’re not alone. To celebrate the milestone (and the release of brand new Blu-ray edition), we sat down to talk with one of the film’s co-stars, Rick Rossovich.

Though the actor has a laundry list of ’80s hits to his credit—The TerminatorNavy SEALs, Roxanne to name a fewit’s his turn as Val Kilmer‘s Top Gun teammate “Slider” that’s gained him the most attention over the years. Tune in as he shares stories from the movie set, talks Tom Cruise and Kilmer, and hints at whether we’ll see him in the long-awaited sequel Top Gun: Maverick.