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  • La Flor

    La Flor

    a testament to the magic of movies

  • The Blair Witch Project

    The Blair Witch Project


    v/h/s horror beyond everyone's reach—camera as a tool of dissociation from reality &therefore safety but the terror catches up faster and all you're left with is one long lasting shiver

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  • Midsommar



    self-masturbatory exercise by a filmmaker having zero emotional intelligence only to flaunt his provocative imagery& hoping to incite shock in people which is cheap& disrespectful—get the fuck out of here already, Aster.

  • Super Deluxe

    Super Deluxe


    beneath the veil of pop culture references, and the trend of hyperlink narratives is a pseudo-intellectual drivel about spirituality, existential crisis, and sexuality? — aaranya kaandam had a distinctive style to it which announced the entry of a new talent:he basically takes that for granted, and the film is strewn with cringy monologues,hap hazard narratives and the forced preaching, could've done with a better editor as the second half took forever to get over with—has some really interesting performances, and the color grading deserves special mention. as a whole, this was a very underwhelming watch and the praise it's getting is unjustified.