Thunderball ★★★½

A 007 Marathon of First-Time Viewings of Every James Bond Movie I've Never Seen Before (Which Is All of Them, Except For The Daniel Craig Era).


"I'm truly sorry to have to dash off like this, but there's been a bit of a flap at the office."
"What kind of work do you do, anyway?"
"Oh, I... travel. A sort of... licensed troubleshooter."


Much like the human body, Thunderball is 70% water.
MGM really splashed out on the underwater sequences here.
On the list of soggy movies drenched in must-sea action, this ranks up there with Waterworld, The Abyss, Jaws, and Aquaman.
If the Fremen of Arrakis from Dune saw this movie, they'd probably label it practically pornographic in its overwhelming wetness (so to speak).
Still, I'm more than happy to have this now waterlogged in my diary.

(It's also fun to keep spotting the various original points of reference for what Austin Powers would later spoof to death, as my viewing of the old-school entries in the Bond series progresses. Such as in here, where there is an actual eyepatch-sporting character named Number 2, and there's a special villain's pool filled with frickin' sharks without frickin' lasers on their frickin' heads...)

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