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Shmight & Shmound 2018: The Top 300

nathan smith

nathan smith 300 films

Very short and very good - Countless <10 minute shorts and where to watch them | Links to YouTube/Vimeo


Elskov 759 films

Yorgos Lanthimos Movies Where a Character Hits Themselves Really Hard in the Face and Make Themselves Bleed for Their Personal Advantages... and also there’s really weird sexual scenes


rodolfo 3 films

Yorgos Lanthimos movies with a scene where the main character stands in front of a bathroom mirror while reluctantly self mutilating themselves in order to escape their current location & situation,

Yorgos Lanthimos Films with White Posters, Ranked by whiteness


orfeas 6 films

yorgos lanthimos films where someone gives a disinterested handjob

caleb 🥪

caleb 🥪 3 films

Yorgos Lanthimos' movies where the animal in the title doesn't appear in the movie

Movies possible without cinematography or editing

J.W. Hendricks

J.W. Hendricks 0 films

2018 movies with the name of a hotel in the title and where the bad guy is played by an actor from Thor: Ragnarok


Jgrandmaster 2 films

first time horror directors slapping my dumb ass around

Erik Nordgren

Erik Nordgren 8 films