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  • The Last Airbender
  • Sucker Punch
  • Mac and Me
  • Crank: High Voltage
  • Skyline

LITERALLY every "How Did This Get Made?" movie I've ever seen.

56 films

WHAT'S UP, JERKS? There have literally been over 200 episodes of How Did This Get Made? to date (which is…

  • Aquaman
  • Shazam!
  • Wonder Woman
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Justice League

The DC Extended Universe (Ranked from Best to "Suicide Squad")

7 films

Well, it's not as if Suicide Squad was going to be at the top, was it...?

(N.B. - Joker not…

  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • 24 Hour Party People
  • 25th Hour
  • 30 Days of Night
  • 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails

Jack's Complete DVD Collection (in Alphabetical Order)

434 films

Not every film can be found on Netflix, or Amazon, or Shudder, or Mubi, or Sky Movies, or [*insert torrent…

  • 12 Angry Men
  • 1408
  • The Babadook
  • Batman Begins
  • Battle Royale

Jack's Complete Blu-ray Collection (in Alphabetical Order)

51 films

Steelbooks. Criterions. Boxsets. Franchises. Stand-alones. Every title of every kind of Blu-ray that I currently own, all in this one…

  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Ready or Not
  • Midsommar
  • Joker
  • The Farewell

My Toppest Top 10 Films of 2019 (So Far...)

10 films

As always, the list shall be updated and amended all throughout the year as more films are seen, until 2019's…

  • Perfect Blue
  • Boogie Nights
  • Requiem for a Dream
  • The Descendants
  • Mute


6 films

These are just the examples I can remember off the top of my head. If you have any other suggestions…

  • Trolls
  • The Emoji Movie
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Smallfoot
  • Cats

Animated* movies significantly worsened** by James Corden's voice...

5 films

...which has the unique and horrible ability to singlehandedly break any and all cinematic immersion the films may have been…

  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • The Avengers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (Ranked from "YAY!" to "NAY!")

23 films

Because basically all of Marvel's MCU movies aren't out-and-out terrible - (i.e. there's no easily identifiable X-Men Origins or Suicide…

  • Dragged Across Concrete
  • First Reformed
  • Leviathan
  • Visitors
  • The Neon Demon

The Unrated (or: My Little List of Zero Star-Rated Movies)

9 films

Some movies have traces of admirable artistic merit, while simultaneously containing traces of distinctly non-good stuff that holds the film…

  • Experiments in the Revival of Organisms
  • Eraserhead
  • Poltergeist
  • The Thing
  • The Fly

The Films That Have Fucked Me Up The Most (Horror, And Otherwise)

21 films

Most of the films that have ever truly and thoroughly fucked me up were all ones I watched as a…

  • Schindler's List
  • The Snowman and The Snowdog
  • Short Term 12
  • These Final Hours
  • Interstellar

The Films That Have Successfully Emotionally Punctured My Cold Dead Heart

11 films

(What is this thing you humans call "crying"...?)

  • First Man
  • Hereditary
  • Mandy
  • Sorry to Bother You
  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout