Annayum Rasoolum ★★★★★

Annayum Rasoolum is a perfect movie. There is something about Rajeev Ravi's thought process and filmmaking that I have begun to understand and appreciate sadly only after watching all his 3 movies.

The entire world that the characters lives in is a Kochi so much more romantic, important and aesthetic compared to the Kochi we know. It's a world where we appreciate every single character's trait and dialogue. The filmmaking is also pure, The various camera angles, the modd the director creates and the beautiful casting all join together to form poetry.

The acting is also top notch, Fahadh Fazil lends a certain vulnerability to his character which makes you empathize with him a lot. Andrea's performance is also brilliantly restrained. Rajeev Ravi portrays Andrea in such a brilliant way putting every Tamil director who used her to shame.
Also, People tend to forget the talent Sunny Wayne was when he came into this industry. His performance in Annayum Rasoolum which was one of his first movies along with his own small love story, has never been replicated in his other movies.

Tragic. Beautiful. Aesthetic. Brilliant.