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  • The One and Only Ivan

    The One and Only Ivan


    There's really nothing wrong with The One and Only Ivan, but it just feels hollow, like a big corporate ploy to make people think that Disney is a great humanitarian company. It really feels like an excuse to have celebtities voice some decent-looking CGI animals and stick in a good message for kids at the end. I really have nothing to say aside from, it was cute and inoffensive, but that's honestly disheartening for how interesting the true story is. 5/10

  • 3 Men and a Little Lady

    3 Men and a Little Lady


    3 Men and a Little Lady is a very very slight improvement on the original. I felt for the characters a little more now that they don't have to deal with baby hijinks. Though, the writers still found ways to make the climax a big wacky slapstick thing. I like the dynamic the characters have in the beginning, but I got kind of bored with all of the scenes in England. It's really not that much better but I think it had a little more dramatic weight because 5 year old Mary was way more interesting than baby Mary. 6.5/10

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  • Hubie Halloween

    Hubie Halloween

    I admit that I laughed a couple of times watching Hubie Halloween but it's still one of the worst films of the year. Completely annoying and idiotic, but not in a fun way. I blame the academy on this one. 2/10 Two points for two funny moments.

  • The Last Airbender

    The Last Airbender

    One point for the pretty cool prison escape fight, and one point for Dev Patel not totally sucking compared to the rest of the actors. The Last Airbender is a total butchering of the fantastic animated series, and it's iconic characters. Terrible acting, effects, and dialogue. How the hell did this cost $150 million? It looks like it was made for a few wadded up one dollar bills, and a used condom. Also why was everybody's name mispronounced, it was so weird and annoying, not to mention every character's race was changed. 2/10