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  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


    There's a bunch of juvenile humour, and it hits the basic YA/teen-movie themes and action-movie tropes, but I did laugh and was pretty entertained. Basically, it rises to the level of what's expected of something like this.
    Plus, it's always nice to see Rhys Darby and the Too Many Cooks guy.

  • Yes, Madam

    Yes, Madam


    When you see that there exists a buddy-cop/martial arts movie starring Michael Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock, it's easy to get excited. Both are awesome action stars, and women in these sorts of movies are usually as eye-candy, rather than getting to be asskickers. Both characters get their own great introduction, and the film shines whenever the two of them are on screen (able helped by director and choreographer Corey Yuan).

    Alas, about half of the screen-time is given over to…

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  • The Party

    The Party


    An amusing little diversion of a playlet. Also a fun critique of the bourgeois values of new-Labour, but not quite as clever as it could have/should have been. This is the kind of movie that could have been great. The performances are there, but the doesn’t quite rise to the highest level.

  • Nocturama



    "Men make their own history, but they do not make it as they please; they do not make it under self-selected circumstances, but under circumstances existing already, given and transmitted from the past.
    The tradition of all dead generations weighs like an nightmare on the brains of the living."