The Celluloid Closet ★★★★

I finished reading the book today that inspired this documentary and I have never been angrier at straight people/Hollywood as a whole. I was already very familiar with Hollywood's tradition of changing stories and censoring screenplays but you would be so surprised by some of the things that could have been (fuck you Warren Beatty!) but weren't because of the male producer's homophobia. Representation is so important and not just LGBT but every indentity, race, religion, etc. deserves to see themselves in the media because it not only relieves stigma and produces empathy but it makes us feel less alone in seeing others like us. Also ever since reading this I've noticed HOW MANY recent films have so many small homophobic sissy tropes and it honestly amazes me that this still happens. Anyway this documentary is great, screw the Hays code, god (Greta Gerwig) bless Tony Curtis.

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