Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

FML Discord May 2021 Hunt 3 / 31
17 - Watch a film where one of the main characters is in some trouble for owing another character a debt

Guy Ritchie movies come with some expectations for me. I know everyone hasn't loved his movies, but I seem to almost always enjoy them. This has a lot less levity than I am used to and really feels like much more of a throwback style of action revenge movie, and not knowing it was a remake of a French movie (Le Convoyeur) it was a surprise. That being said, the violence and action were both well done and the heist styling of everything and the sequence of storytelling worked for me. I don't always like Statham as a lead, but he worked in this one. I get they were going for that stoic and cold style, but it was a bit too much at times and bordered on silly. That's my only real complaint. Otherwise, nice job fusing a solid revenge movie to a good heist movie and making something worth seeing.

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