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  • Dragon Quest: Your Story

    Dragon Quest: Your Story


    That twist elevates this film from a pretty solid video game movie to something kind of special, it was really heartwarming.

    Also can we PLEASE get a Final Fantasy 6 movie now?

  • Parasite



    the type of film that makes me fall in love with films all over again

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  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

    Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV


    One of the most bizarre films I've seen in a long time, animated or otherwise.

    Visually, it's fucking stunning. Objectively. If Final Fantasy has been ahead of the curve in any medium its the visuals, and the animation and art direction of this film definitely prove that. I actually would argue that the performances from the lead (English-dub) cast are damn solid too.

    It's just the script, as with any of the games, is kind of convoluted, messy and without…

  • Cats



    i feel violated