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  • Revolution



    Better than expected. It is a bit clunky and a few scenes that seem truncated or unexplained, but all in all, it is an impressive feat of filming and staging.

    Pacino plays a fur trapper who, with his young son, get reluctantly entwined in the battle for independence from the well-dressed British. The trials and tribulation they face in the midst of a frantic and confusing battle prove soul searching and shape their characters in joy and hope and sadness…

  • Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter

    Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter


    Watching this wholesome Disney view of the American Frontier and values is sort of hard to do through today's eyes. I imagine you have to transport your viewing views to the clean red blooded attitudes of the 1950s when the Davy Crockett craze was rampant.

    Even so, the lies and subtle racism bash through your brain like a Creek Indian tomahawk.

    Davy and his pal work as scouts for a blustery cranky General Andrew Jackson in an attempt to stop…

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  • Small Soldiers

    Small Soldiers


    Another in the series of a Joe Dante speciality: the "back lot" suburbs of movie America that must battle the strange invaders of dark humored menace. Faintly recall this being advertised as a kids' film, it isn't. This is dark cartoon of corporate America and the military industrial complex controlling all we do in work, home and leisure and entertainment and our ignoring of this fact. Grand fun.

  • The Concorde... Airport '79

    The Concorde... Airport '79

    So wonderfully bad. Awful guest stars on supersonic concorde flight that is targeted for destruction by evil arms dealer Robert Wagner; missiles fly at the plane, renegade French phantom jets, and then cargo door sabotage that creates decompression. The constant effect of the plane turning and rolling and just being upside down as Martha Raye does comedic mugging and Jimmie Walker plays his saxophone while smoking pot are hilarious. However, the sexist comments made by George "Hey, Honey, that's why…