Suspiria ★½

As of this date, have yet to see original Dario Argento SUSPIRIA, so I must tackle my feelings without any sort of reflection on what was or is or have experienced.

An American girl enrolls in a Berlin dance school that has some creepy goings on going on and appears to be run by a coven of witches. They seem to be looking for a new human vessel to use for some supernatural reason.

The movie becomes near incoherent with adding in German politics and political history and a character with guilt regarding personal decisions made during WWII. It's all a cauldron of noise and visuals that, after over 2 hours of nothing really happening, lead to a charnel house of violence and blood and dismemberment and gore and more red splashed on the screen than you've ever seen. Before this grand guignol spectacle, you get to see a performance from the dance school where the teachers seems to instruct the girls to just jump and writhe and jut out limbs as a sign of artistic talent. It's unbearable.

There was only one moment toward the end that brought a moment of thought and introspection to my viewing when a character with supernatural powers calms and eradicates bad memories from another.

Other than this, this movie is a long time to get no where except for a director to show off.

Also, starring Tilda Swinton in a dual role as dance school matron and as an unconvincing old German man.

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