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  • The Invisible Man's Revenge

    The Invisible Man's Revenge


    After suffering from memory loss for five years, Robert Griffin, played by Jon Hall (Invisible Agent), commits murder in order to escape from a mental institution, and makes his way back to the Herrick family, who left him behind during an African safari because they believed that he was dead. When he discovers that the family spent his share of a diamond fortune, and subsequently stumbles across a scientist, played by John Carradine (The Mummy's Ghost, House of Frankenstein), who…

  • Invisible Agent

    Invisible Agent


    Many years after Dr. Jack Griffin created an invisibility drug with mind-altering side effects and wreaked havoc as the “Invisible Man” before being shot by police, his grandson, played by Jon Hall, is living in America, where he runs a print shop under the assumed name of Frank Raymond. One night, he is visited by four armed Axis agents, including a Nazi official played by Cedric Hardwicke (Suspicion, Rope) and a Japanese spy played by Peter Lorre (The Maltese Falcon,…

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    In the near future, the world has been overrun by terrifying monsters of unknown origin, and the few human survivors have learned to adapt to their new everyday reality by living in complete silence, since the creatures, which lack eyesight, have an extraordinarily acute sense of hearing and are able to catch and kill their prey by zeroing in on sounds. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, who also directed the film, star as a married couple who reside with their…

  • Revenge



    Jen, a gorgeous blonde party girl played by Matilda Lutz, is enjoying a secret affair with Richard, a married French millionaire played by Kevin Janssens. As the two of them arrive by helicopter at his ridiculously lavish desert vacation home, she looks forward to a couple of days of quiet romantic bliss. This getaway is interrupted when two of Richard's friends arrive a day early for a hunting excursion. Jen is brutally raped by one of the friends, and is…