Slugs ★★★★½

Since most healthy humans can outrun a slug, one would not think that these animals would be feasible subjects for a horror movie. The particular animals in question in the 1988 film, Slugs, however, are mutated due to toxic waste, and they are carnivorous as a result. They seem to appear en masse quite abruptly, and they consume human flesh quite speedily, so the end result is one gloriously gory feature that brings back great memories from my high school days, when I used to rent it by way of the VHS tapes after noticing the source novel by Shaun Hutson on grocery store shelves.

Horror films during the 1980s were so much fun, and this is one such B-movie example that still stands the test of time, beautiful women, massive explosions, pre-CGI-era makeup effects, memorable music, and all. The acting is...not the best...but that's part of the charm of this Spanish production that was filmed with a cast of several international actors by director Juan Piquer Simón (Pieces, The Rift).

The slugpocalypse during the final half hour of the movie, when the creatures finally manifest themselves in full, is marvelously epic. I also love one pivotal scene where a person who has been contaminated on the inside by the slugs begins to bleed and explode while he is dining in an expensive restaurant with snobby rich people. The gleefully heavy-handed music score is icing on the cake.

One of my recent viewing of Slugs was quite timely. I had spent the past three days attending a stream identification class for work, and, along with the other students, I had hiked through wooded areas to analyze stream beds for soils, plant types, and animal habitation. One morning, as we were checking out a tray water sample for insects, amphibians, and such, I asked one of the other students if he had ever seen Slugs. He excitedly replied that he had, and that he loved old creature flicks. Both of us had always assumed that we were the only people in the world who like this movie, so a fun conversation followed.

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