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  • Body of Lies

    Body of Lies


    I have one rule, my dear. Never lie to me. 

    I enjoyed Body of Lies on my first viewing a good number of years ago, but upon rewatch it is safe to say this is one of the best counter-terrorism thrillers out there. I say counter-terrorism and not ‘spy’ film because most ‘spy’ movies follow the typical action cliches established by the likes of Bond and Mission Impossible. This is a thorough examination of the war on terror; a war…

  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour


    When will the lesson be learned? You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!

    A sublime portrait of one the last truly great leaders to have lived. Arguably, Britain’s most beloved, fierce and devoted politician. A man of tremendous heart and stature. A figure, even when in doubt, possessed an enduring sense of a hope for a greater future. How we live today, the economy, the political landscape, war and peace, very foundations of the…

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  • Batman Begins

    Batman Begins


    No... this is your mask. Your real face is the one that the criminals now fear. The man I loved, the man who vanished, he never came back at all. But maybe he’s still out there. Maybe some day, when Gotham no longer needs Batman, I’ll see him again. 

    Arguably the greatest comic book origin story ever made. Nolan’s first entry into a trilogy that would forever change cinema. A monumental success that should hold up for generations to come.…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    Tell me, do you bleed?

    Snyder’s magnum opus. Philosophical and poetic. Shakespearean in its depiction of superhero legends. It is arguably, along with Mad Max: Fury Road, the most important blockbuster of the 2010s. The world created here feels utterly authentic. I watch and I am gripped. Not for one moment does the magnitude or believability of gods hurling thunderbolts or devils in the form of Doomsdays distract from the plot. Why? Because it’s social commentary and characters’ natures are…