The Dark Knight ★★★★★

- Then why was it me who was the only one who lost everything?
- It wasn’t. 

There aren’t many out there, but this is what I would call a ‘perfect’ film. There isn’t much I can say about this film that hasn’t already been said. How this story manages to never miss a beat is incredible. Every scene is as engaging as the next. The battle for Gotham’s soul resting in Harvey Dent, and how it pivots between the angel and the devil of Batman and The Joker. Whilst Snyder deconstructs the characters of DC comics and challenges our understanding of their principles, Nolan envisions them in their purest forms. I could gush about Nolan’s finest cinematic achievement all day, but all I will say is that he will never top this. This piece of artistic majesty. This masterpiece of cinema. The Dark Knight.

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