Sonic Riders Fandub

Sonic Riders Fandub ★★★★★

While the Sonic Riders Fandub is not as good as the previous Fandubs, in my opinion, it is still an absolute masterpiece that I shall rewatch until I draw my last breath.
One thing that this fandub definitely loses points for is the lack of Eggman compared to the other fandubs. As always, Alfred is beyond human perfection but he doesn't have as much time to shine in this one. He doesn't even have an appearance in the land of thematic resolution.
Another problem I have with this fandub is that Sonic is a dick. While this was the intention and does work in this fandub, it doesn't feel consistent with his character from the previous fandubs. However, ignoring this, Sonic is still a delight to watch and the fact that he is a dick pushes the narrative and gives us a moral to the story.
However, one place that this Fandub does better than the other Fandubs is every other character. Tails and Knuckles have a lot of great scenes in this dub and the new characters are amazing. While Tails has the same problem as Sonic, in that his character seems to have changed from Happy to Depressed, this change can be interpreted as being caused the events in the previous fandubs or by Sonic's sudden change in character. Each of the new characters are absolute gems with Storm probably being the best out of the trio.
But perhaps the best part of this fandub is the finale. The Sonic Adventure 2 Fandub had gameplay from the final boss and the credits to wrap up the story. The Sonic 06 Fandub had the final cutscene wrap things up pretty neatly. But the Sonic Riders Fandub had a problem of the game's cutscenes being unable to truly finish the story. This problem is fixed via the introduction of the Land of Thematic Resolution. Here all the characters' arcs are completed, with Sonic finally listening to his friends, his friends forgiving him, and storm being tortured by the awareness of his painful existence within Garry's mod.
In Conclusion, The Sonic Riders fandub is pure beauty. While I don't think it is as good as the other Fandubs, My friends consider it their favourite of the fandubs, and I would certainly call it one of the best pieces of art in all of human history.