Mank ★★½

I admire David Fincher's work and creative turn which he took with Mank but personally it lacked in terms of entertainment and investment. Something that quite ironically was brilliantly captured in a particular scene during this movie. The concept where actors act as actors the way they used to back then don't really work for me. The charm of that era for me primarily comes form the acting. This felt too satirical. The characters feel too smooth, witty and almost unnatural. At times it almost came across as borderline self-indulgent. The contrast between the black and white were too low for my liking as well.

However, I really appreciate the added noise, speckles, fades and flawless sound editing. Even if my personal taste and Fincher's directional vision may part ways when discussing Mank but I can only applaud and give credit to his bold approach. That said, it did rather feel like a technical exposition in the end.

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