Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread ★★★★½

Covered by Freudian glimpses and exploring all aspects of obsession, Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread portrays an intriguing, almost masochistic dynamic between lovers where power keeps shifting.
Despite it clearly being about love, I'm not convinced by my own choice of words yet there's no other way I could or want to describe it.

Daniel-Day-Lewis embodies his role as a prisoner in his own cursed world of fixations and mania in an amazing fashion while Vickie Krieps does so as well, being nurturing and fragile yet powerful and committed.
The pace is rather slow as we watch and learn how this unhealthy relationship unravels. The attention for details, personality quirks are what make this piece so captivating.

Phantom Thread feels like a twisted Gothic fairy tale oozing in fantastic production design.

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