The Nun ★★½

The Nun: Unhollywood - Where every trope comes alive.

Let's be honest, the concept is terrific and the entire Horror take on religion and Gothic styled era are intriguing to say the least. However, the execution did not live up the potential whatsoever. The Nun felt more like a rushed project that's there just to bulk up The Conjuring Universe. Personally not a big fan of movie universes unless the movies are able to stand out on their own.

There were a couple of major issues. At least for me. The lighting was poor, the nights never felt really dark. They added some red in particular scenes to create a surreal atmosphere. I wish they'd use this more often. The characters felt flat, one-dimensional and got a short, forced background story. I didn't get much time or reason either to get attached to one of them. Even if I did, never did I feel like they were in actual danger. Even the pace was too high as if if Corin Hardy was trying to get it over with trying to cramp in stuff here and there. To top it all off, most tropes got checked off. The jump scares, amping up the tension with stopping the music, the paning away and back for disappearing phantoms. It's borderline offensive. The plot was lackluster over all.

Some aspects were admirable. Again, the concept, the design of the evil nun, the slowly turning of the crosses and so on.

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