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  • Waiting for the Barbarians

    Waiting for the Barbarians


    I was awaiting the worst, when this ambitious adaptation landed without much impact at the Venice Film Festival in 2019.

    About a year later, I am thrilled to see a beautifully shot and very well acted film about colonialism and the misguided white savior at its centre.

    Mark Rylance is fantastic as the "one just man" (as the cold and sadistic Colonel Joll calls him), but he is also more ambivalent than at first meets the eye. He may be…

  • The Stunt Double

    The Stunt Double


    Neat with some nice moments, but the greatest achievement of "The Stunt Double" was, that it reminded me of "The Hire".
    Those BMW short films with Clive Owen, I haven't watched in years.

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  • The Magdalene Sisters

    The Magdalene Sisters


    The most disturbing and harrowing horror film I've seen in years.

  • Boyhood



    A fantastic experience, that may be everything Richard Linklater accomplished up to date. Echoes of his whole career can be seen in this tale of a boy who grows up into a young man.

    While some bits of dialogue sound forced (especially when Mason Jr. und his sister hit puberty) and Linklater has a very romanticised view of what life at College seem to be, it is entertaining, touching and simply astounding, to watch this movie that shows the so called simple things and moments, that happen while you grow up.