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  • Les Destinées sentimentales

    Les Destinées sentimentales


    From the title and gauzy DVD cover, I was expecting a well-behaved, maybe slightly snoozy romance. The first pleasant surprise was the first third carrying itself much like Last August, Early September, the same vignettey quality and frantic handheld camerawork applied to aimless thirtysomethings of a different age. But the bigger shock was the following two-thirds revealing the whole film as a dark, dark comedy about a man destroying any chance of a normal relationship with another human because he…

  • Queen of Diamonds

    Queen of Diamonds


    Who the fuck goes to the middle of the desert to blow their money and neglect their families? The answer may surprise you, or it may not.

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  • Mattress Man Commercial

    Mattress Man Commercial


    For me, all of PSH's skills are conveyed in this. It's 53 seconds long, an almost precise recreation of a local mattress store commercial, and it only appeared on the 2-disc special edition of Punch-Drunk Love. In it, PSH plays his character in PDL, Dean Trumbell, the owner of a mattress store who also doubles as the leader of a phone sex ring. In this clip, he's recording a commercial on the top of the store's roof, wearing a too-small…

  • The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst

    The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst


    Man, if this miniseries accomplished anything, it should be getting Ryan Gosling that Oscar. I didn't even know it was him the whole time!