Nope ★★★★½

The scariest of Peele's three movies and also the one where the Key & Peele background really comes into handy, only someone with that level of understanding about pop-culture ephemera could create something like this, a nightmare assembled entirely from banal low-culture artifacts (a particularly harrowing setpiece could be swapped out for Aerobics Meltdown and not much would change). It's as knotty as Us with genuinely evil horror imagery to complement its stew of ideas (Peele saw Spielberg's War of the Worlds and thought it could evoke 9/11 just a little more strongly), and then it somehow builds to a rousing, crowdpleasing finish without selling out a single one of its thematic concerns. I've previously been on-board with Peele because he was 90% of the way to making something like this, now that he's made it I'm confident he's a genius.

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