Rumble Fish ★★★★½

Very much a continuation of Coppola's attempts with One From the Heart to make the most maximalist film possible out of seemingly bare-bones material (and amusingly on two different ends of the spectrum, from Heart's wide array of Vegas hues to this being rooted in the Motorcycle Boy's colorblind POV). And whereas that movie occasionally failed (mostly early on) because the approach didn't gel with the story, here there's so such problem, as Coppola the filmmaker is perfectly tuned into the mixture of teenage restlessness and angst the style needs to match the story and the characters (it helps that he gets just the right performances, especially Mickey Rourke's astonishingly charismatic star turn). And the result is a film that succeeds both as style wankery and emotional storytelling. This has less Tom Waits on the whole than Heart, though, so I guess I have to call it a draw.