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  • Royal Warriors

    Royal Warriors


    You know you're off to a good start when a movie opens with not just one, but two great action sequences. First you get Michelle Yeoh as a cop on vacation visiting Japan and doing touristy things like snapping pictures of street performers, only to run into a bunch of mob goons chasing some poor bastard. These mob goons are extra dangerous because they have swords, but you get Yeoh and the precision of her movements as she takes these…

  • The Last Boy Scout

    The Last Boy Scout


    There's undeniably something ugly about the way this movie views women. You have one hero, Bruce Willis, who drops by his house, immediately suspects his wife of cheating on him, waves a gun around, is revealed to be right, shoots a family photo on the way out, and the movie basically supports his point of view. And you have the other hero, Damon Wayans, who arguably has the healthier relationship with women, introduced as having cheated on his girlfriend, who…

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  • X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

    X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes


    “What do you see?”

    “The city... as if it were unborn. Rising into the sky with fingers of metal, limbs without flesh, girders without stone. Signs hanging without support. Wires dipping and swaying without poles. A city unborn. Flesh dissolved in an acid of light. A city of the dead.”

  • Memory: The Origins of Alien

    Memory: The Origins of Alien

    All the interviews with people involved first- or secondhand with the production are fascinating, and the stuff with O’Bannon’s widow is a little moving. Less interesting is the analysis by different fans of the movie, with the exception of Adam Egypt Mortimer, whose tactile, detailed breakdowns of different scenes make me think he should be doing commentaries. Well worth a watch if you’re a fan, but I gotta ask, what the heck was up with that intro?!?

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  • Party Girl

    Party Girl


    "One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

    "Bullshit. He's miserable."

    "He doesn't have to be. He accepts his fate."

    "You're telling me if you name is Syphilis and you spend your life lugging a fucking rock up a hill you wouldn't be miserable?"

    "I think I'm an existentialist, I really do."

  • Teenage Lesbian

    Teenage Lesbian

    "Have you ever seen the movie The Hunger?"

    This is my second Bree Mills feature after Perspective. It isn't as formally or structurally ambitious as that one, and simultaneously feels more indebted to generic indie movie style while being marred by the limitations of modern porn productions (digital cinematography, anonymous white-walled houses instead of lived-in spaces, supporting characters who look a little too polished and conventionally attractive to feel credible as teenagers). But the sensitivity with which Mills captures the…