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  • Giallo in Venice

  • Nothing Underneath


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  • Giallo in Venice

    Giallo in Venice

    I regret to inform you that the version on Tubi is heavily edited and appears to have much of the violence and sex removed. Based on the other reviews I was expecting some truly unhinged, heinous violence, but with all the good stuff cut out, what's left is maddeningly dull. Venice looks nice, though.

  • Nothing Underneath

    Nothing Underneath


    This is definitely the sleek '80s kind of giallo rather than the decadent '70s kind, but the glossy veneer serves the high fashion setting well. Some nifty visual style, some "borrowing" from Brian De Palma (including Pino Donaggio recycling his Body Double theme), and with Donald Pleasance doing an Italian accent, you can't lose.

Popular reviews

  • Ultimate Workout

    Ultimate Workout

    The opening scene plays like an inverse of slasher movie dynamics. Our hero, Buttman, played by the director John Stagliano, is out admiring the night sky (and favourably compares the moon to a pair of buttcheeks). Like many a slasher movie villain, he sees a couple having sex (in an alley, outside in the middle of the night). Yet while a slasher movie villain would proceed to stalk and kill, Buttman is detected and fearfully retreats to a gym, ducking…

  • Bruce Lee Against Supermen

    Bruce Lee Against Supermen


    This review contains mild spoilers.

    Now, when a movie promises you a Bruce Lee imitator running around in a cape and fighting one or more superpowered foes, there's a baseline of entertainment value it should offer, right? What's most surprising about Bruce Lee Against Supermen is how dull it is. Ostensibly, it offers plenty of the schlocky thrills endemic to Bruceploitation. And, as a martial arts movie, it has plenty of fight scenes, all of which are shot coherently and…