Batman ★★★★

Batman Rewatch:

The plot of the film may seem a bit simple, but Tim Burton's creativity makes the film convincing. His style is unmistakable. The best example is of course Gotham. Tim Burten perfectly captures the dark, dirty, atmospheric and gothic style of Gotham. While in the films of Christopher Nolan Gotham doesn’t really have its own style, in Tim Burtens’s film Gotham has its very own look and still shapes the city of Gotham today. It is also difficult to estimate what time you are in, as there are, for example, many references to the 30s such as classic gangster fashion with hat and suit.
The acting which is offered here is definitely on a very high level through and through. Michael Keaton was initially considered the unsuitable choice of Bruce Wayne, but this role enabled him to emancipate himself from his comedian career and prove that serious roles are also suitable for him. He knows how to perfectly capture the conflict, loneliness and guilt inherent in Bruce. Michael Keaton as Batman may not be the best Batman, but he still has many iconic scenes and still plays the role fantastically. Michael Keaton also fits perfectly into the costume of the dark knight.
But nothing works in the film without Jack Nicholson, because what can you really say except that he is outstanding in his incarnation of the Joker. The opinions of the Joker differ widely and he may not be the best Joker, but in this film he is the perfect opponent for Michael Keaton. Jack Nicholson knows how to play skillfully with the character of his character and crowns the whole thing with his own style which he actually allows to flow into all of his roles. Regardless of who you refer to from the cast in relation to this classic film, they all fit into their roles and literally breathe life into every character.
You can literally notice that a lot of love has flowed into this film, regardless of whether it is the sets, the actors, costumes or the effects. Of course, you shouldn't forget Danny Elfman's score, which caused a timeless catchy tune. The film is by the way also very close to the comics. By today's standards, the film is definitely too over the top, if not a bit cheesy, and therefore not suitable for everyone. But even if the film was initially expected to flop, Batman was an unexpected success in 1989 and Tim Burton rose to the ranks of the most respected directors of the 90s. But the film drew a lot more and brought fans a timeless classic that shaped many other Batman projects.

In the end there is only one thing left to say:
„As My Plastic Surgeon Always Says; If you Gotta Go, Go With a Smile!"
 (Jack Nicholson - Batman 1989)

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