Lightyear ★★★

Well, when I found out about this movie, I just thought why you have to keep exploiting the Toy Story franchise. Because I was sure that no one would need a movie about the movie Andy had seen in Toy Story, so he became a Buzz Lightyear fan. Well, but I was wrong, because I was definitely positively surprised by this film.

Because Lightyear stands for itself and tells an independent story. That's why I had the feeling that the creators really wanted to tell a story and didn't just want to create content. The film feels independent and even tells an unexpectedly exciting and poignant story. Maybe it's just because I had such low expectations, but the movie was much better than I expected. Because in addition to the really imaginative and exciting plot, there are also some action-packed scenes and also a nice message, as befits Pixar films.
Of course, the animation is also very well done again, as you are already used to from Pixar. That's why the film looks very detailed and realistic.
But unlike the previous Toy Story films and other Pixar films, Lightyear also has a few weaknesses. Because the characters, for example, are not very elaborated and not particularly complex. Especially some supporting characters are actually only there to tear a few jokes. And these jokes are not even particularly funny and in this aspect there are certainly funnier Pixar movies.

So overall, I am quite positively surprised by Lightyear. Although the film clearly has weaknesses and probably no one would have needed it, but the film offers entertainment, a great story and a nice message.

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