Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

I was so excite to experience this moviefilm. The amount of emotions I went through, is about as mind-blowing as some of the content. Even though I knew for a fact Sacha Baron Cohen came out of production alive, whenever he was about to sing for that crowd full of people, it was so intense that I couldn't help but feeling concerned for his life - even he seemed hesitant to sing for those people. I've read he had to wear a bulletproof vest for a couple scenes, and I'd be willing to bet that was one of them. Then he even gets them to sing along. (That one took me back to "In My Country There is Problem" from the episode "Peace" of Da Ali G Show - loved the show and it's movies, absolutely ecstatic we got a surprise fourth movie)

I felt like the writing and structuring in between skits was done a lot better this time around. Incorporating skits into a storyline can sometimes be a complete mess (Impractical Joker's: The Movie), but other times it can be done well (Bad Trip and Jackass presents: Bad Grandpa) I think what they did here was very impressive and raises the bar; especially impressive because the production had to work around an unexpected global pandemic. Admittedly, there's a couple scenes where I'm still pondering over their authenticity - which is not something I've ever done with Sacha's previous work.

Maria was an excellent addition to the cast. Ken Davitian only had a supporting role in the first movie, but Maria has a leading role with Cohen for this sequel. She handled herself very well in every situation. I can't imagine trying to stay in character for some of the stuff in this movie. Very talented actress. These skits don't only take courage, but they take a lot of skill in order to be convincing.

Some of the satire in regards to how women are treated was next level. I was bursting with joy for the menstruation, masturbation, and abortion skits; So much joy I was probably radiant. Tremendous amount of respect. The speech from the babysitter was really heartwarming too. I watch this pranks-on-the-public/social experiment-type show, and they always get genuinely thrilled when they come across people who are good-natured or intelligent. Maria Bakalova looked like she was hiding back tears because of how touched she was.

I loved that Borat still exposes racism, anti-semitism, and the absurd things people do without second thinking it; e.g. walking in the building in that KKK outfit, the wording on the cake, and the purchase at the farm goods store.

I don't like to talk about the government or coronavirus with people. So in regards to the satire/exposé/etc. on stuff like: McDonald Trump, the type of people who attend anti-mask rallies or believe Democrats are worse than COVID, perversion within the higher powers, or government/social responses to the virus and containing it's spread... I'll just say... Very nice. 👍👍

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