Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★

Feels perfectly setup to be a flashier echo of Romero’s anti-consumerist themes in the original Dawn of the Dead, but is instead pretty straightforward and substance-less outside of an emotional core that did very little for me. I’d be fine with this if this wasn’t one of Snyder’s least stylistically and visually indulgent outputs.  A ridiculous colour palette and more of Snyder’s exaggerated action scenes really would have strived here and made the crazier story-beats hit harder. I’m shocked this is the project where he decided to settle down a little. The only persisting Snyderisms are the dragging runtime, strange needle-drops and difficult dialogue. It surprisingly feels more in tune with the shitty Suicide Squad than any of Snyder’s recent movies. #ReleaseTheZombiePenisCut

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