Cabaret ★½

I'm not sure I quite understand Cabaret. The looming threat of the Nazi party and the social divide within Berlin doesn't feel interwoven within the narrative, but rather serves as a non-intrusive backdrop that doesn't take any huge leaps or bounds to progress the narrative or heighten the stakes in any particularly meaningful way.
It's nice to see something beyond the usual, sure, but if anything I found the distinct setting somewhat jarring and distracting from the otherwise standard, formulaic narrative that's happening front and center.

The actual musical, 'Cabaret' side of things is mostly fine, but also sporadically dull. Save for a solid performance by Liza Minnelli, the on screen chemistry is lacking here, and the films emotional moments don't really hit for me. Truth be told, I'm punching this out in the final moments (touching my phone is usually taboo when watching anything!) because so far I've failed to engage with its leads and it's music.

Chalk it up as another Academy sweep that I didn't fall in love with. No doubt it'll be dissected in many a Film/English classroom to great, excruciating detail for years to come.

Watched on DVD.

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