Cape Fear ★★★½

Cape Fear is a briskly paced thriller from Scorsese that works thanks to a terrifying, occasionally goofy performance by Rob DeNiro.

You can tell actor and director are having a lot of fun here - the editing is snappy and theres some crazy shot composition and camera work at play, particularly during the insane finale. DeNiro on the other hand never wastes a second of screentime, but it's the script that let's him down. This thing is loud and admittedly a little stupid, but the thrills are real, even if they're built on a premise that eventually spirals into the absurd.

Probably my biggest criticism is that I didn't know who to vouch for. Max Cady is too criminal to feel sympathy for, and his targets too unlikable to root for.

Bernard Herrmann, composer from Hitchcock's old timey thrillers and other films of that calibre, scores something reminiscent here, and the results are memorable.

Watched on Blu-ray.