Happy Death Day 2U ★½

What the fuck? This is actually a Blumhouse production? I don't think I've ever seen a sequel change direction quite so drastically.

This is not a horror film, plain and simple. It's this weird, aesthetically gross comedy with a few tame profanities and sex jokes tossed in; the kind that gets millenials at the discount Cineplex worked up when they're not inhaling Skittles and instinctively pulling their phones out to refresh Instagram. It ends with a cover of 'Stayin' Alive' by Lizzo, who I don't know much about other than that she refers to her fanbase as 'Lizzbians', so this is definitely a product for an audience that I seem to have detached from at some point (YouTube the cover though, it's something else).

Save for Jessica Rothe and a few minorly funny moments scattered throughout, this is really not worth your time.

Watched on Blu-ray.

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