Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★

I think it's crazy that years and sometimes decades can pass, only for studios to somewhat randomly throw old properties back into the public eye and hope that even though their core audience now sits comfortably in a whole new generational bracket, they might be okay being spoon fed the same shit. The Incredibles 2, El Camino, The Lego Movie 2 to name a few from the last year or so; oddities of the film industry, in that they represent another day and age, and deliberately try to cash in on this nostalgia we possess of them while blatantly failing to keep with the times.

Zombieland 2 bizarrely gets away with this shit. This thing feels like it could've come out in 2010. It's loud, it's dumb, it's not progressive by any stretch of the imagination. The script reeks of that late 2000's comedy stench (it's like a small hop, skip and a jump away from the likes of Pineapple Express or Ted bad). These types of comedies died a LONG time ago. The only other comparable films I've seen this year to this style of funny is Stuber and Good Boys, but back in 2009 we had The Hangover, Bruno, Paul fucking Blart, Year One, I Love You Man, Fired Up...they just don't make these dumb, loud, dick and fart joke movies anymore.

Zombieland 2 resurrects this style of comedy, and I think it chose a relatively okay time to pull this kind of stunt. Maybe it just caught me in an overly good mood, but I was chuckling throughout. Harrelson and Deutch carry it up easily another half star though for refusing to hold back and recognising exactly what kind of dumbass movie they're starring in (while Stone looks like she's taking hiatus from her next Academy nominated film and purely here to cash a check).

Anyway, Zombieland 2 everyone. Not much more to say. Just had to have a bit of a rant about the brazen balls on Sony and Columbia Pictures, for continually just throwing whatever IP's they still own out into the fray, and hoping for the best (ah shit, they are rebooting The Grudge still this January aren't they...)

Watched in cinema.

The Fong Verdict - 2.5/5 It was soy random.

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