• You Won't Be Alone

    You Won't Be Alone


    Since I stop watching trailers or reading synopsis of movies years ago I have never regret it and when I encounter movies like this one is just a delight, I don’t know where the movie is gonna take me, everything is a surprise. This film was beautiful.

  • Incendies




  • Dune



    A feast for the eyes, I love when I’m just amazed in the movie theater, Hans and his fucking on point soundtracks, Timothée great as always, can’t wait for part 2.

    Ps: When a movie is shot with IMAX cameras go watch it on fucking IMAX kids, don't be silly.

  • Tenet



    When you normally make such great films that when you come out with one a little messy people shit on it, soundtrack is great adds a lot of tension to the scenes, the fighting scenes are fucking insane, this movies has some shit I have never seen before, can’t believe the actors had to act backwards for some of the scenes, a time travel story like you haven’t seen before.

  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Right in my alley, I would love to see a director’s cut of this movie since what I didn’t like mostly was the changes demanded by the production company. Loved the horror elements of the movie of course and the sequence scenes were fucking awesome.

  • Hellbender



    I appreciate the effort and the originality

  • We Summon the Darkness

    We Summon the Darkness


    I watch this movie just because I have a crush on Alexandra so I wasn’t expecting much because besides  the first season of True Detective most of her shit sucks haha but goddamn this movie is bad, I never got why the story is set in the 80s since it doesn't fucking matter at all, the only good part was the King Diamond song at a gig and of course it was not even “perform” by him.

  • Lucky



    Living in the desert doesn’t seems to be that bad, specially if you are gonna end up drinking with David Lynch hearing his stories about his tortoise.

  • Dark Waters

    Dark Waters


    Thanks to capitalism and big corporations who don’t give a fuck about anything else but money once in a while we have movies like this one were is exposed some part of the story on how they fuck us all in this planet we call Earth.

  • Tread



    Three ⭐️ and a half because of what a crazy story this is, the storytelling is pretty average kind of like a netflix crime documentary, nothing outstanding specially not as outstanding as the bulldozer and the rampage. This is the story in which Leviathan was inspired of.

  • Leviathan



    I like sad stories and goddamn this is one, I watched it years ago and forgot how beautiful this movie is shot, everything is on point specially the anger and frustration, I would enjoy playing a movie like this to an overly positive person and see what kind of shit they would comment about, just for fun, just for the grinch in me.

  • Anomalisa



    Everything is a repetition from a repetition from a repetition... when a movie feels very real but at the same time it doesn't and that's Kaufman fucking with our heads once again. Psychological conditions and the triviality of modern life in stop motion.